Material   Pewter, lead
Dimensions   10 x 10 x 15cm approx
Year   2023
Location   Available


Mr Lawrence was my parents’ boiler man. He was also part of a shooting club in Somerset, Great Britain. Every time we met he would march into the kitchen and present a brace of bloody rabbits. Unfortunately, he would hand them directly to me: like I would know what to do with these carcasses. Slowly over time I learn’t to skin, gut and butcher the rabbits ready for cooking. Still to this day I love cooking rabbit, very slowly in cider. However whilst eating I never enjoy finding spent lead shot in the now laced sweet flesh

Each bisque-fire Kaiser bunny purchased from Ebay has been exploded from the inside out by pouring molten pewter into the hollow forms. The rabbits have the exact amount of lead in them as you would find in 1 bullet (2.6gm).

The unique series SHOT! is still slightly poisonous.

Approach with caution!