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We’re Back….for REAL!!

Another Crossing: Revisiting the Mayflower is now open.   A touring exhibition recognizing the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower crossing and its significance to American and world history. Developed in partnership with Fuller Craft Museum. USA, and The Box UK.   Poor Trait. 2019 Lead Linen Iron. 92.7 x 80cm

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FLUX me!

I’m not one for fixating on specific techniques, but yesterday, I had an unknown student contact me via Instagram asking for some soldering technical advice … shock horror! At college, Oppi Untracts book Metal Techniques for Craftsmen was the bible and I still to this day have a quick flick through now and then.   […]

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Ooh behave!

I happened to be wandering around South London, in a state of lostness and was confronted by this sign on Great Guildford St. What are we to do with this turn of instruction? Who’s commanding us and barking their orders? Is it the Mayor of London? The residents’ committee? Or maybe the police? Personally, it […]

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Damn Drawing

During my education, I have been very fortunate to have had excellent tutors who at times offered me the opportunity and encouragement to experiment and think left-field. Art college can be a brilliant environment to test, learn and develop. Personally, drawing was NEVER my strength, whether it was life drawing, technical or illustrative.  But, I […]

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Portrait of Tracey Rowledge and David Clarke sitting in the back of a van

2021 Residency: Leksands Sweden

We’re on the move!   Tracey Rowledge and I are absolutely over the moon that we have a fully funded 3-week residency ‘Field Notes’, scheduled for later this year in Leksands, Sweden. With thanks to Bengt Julin Foundation and IASPIS Artists’ Committee for their generosity in financially supporting this exciting project. About Field Notes The […]

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Student feedback

Great to get honest feedback. It takes a lot of courage to say what you are thinking. When I deliver workshops, I always actively encourage students in this behaviour. It’s essential to take a position; recognise what’s important to you, and stand by that. Bravo! My thanks to Taiwan for inviting me.

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Can’t please them all

It’s great to share good news, but what about the bad? What does ‘bad’ really mean anyway? We all need to work this out for ourselves. People often comment on my work and I welcome the feedback. Even when the message isn’t a ringing endorsement. There is a danger in trying to please too many […]

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Image of a large cast pewter serving dish, the mould is made of aluminium foil

Metal Magic

The wonders of moving metal whilst casting, waiting for the temperature to drop and create a skin.  

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Delightful Trouble Maker

In my time, I’ve been called many things, enfant terrible, ‘silver-terrorist’ and more recently ‘a right royal pain in the arse’. But my favourite bit of name calling appeared in Ken Quickenden’s book Making Form: Contemporary British Fine Metalwork, published in 2020, where he referred to me as a ‘delightful trouble maker’. I do take […]

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A detailed image of a roasting tin, showing natural patina of wear

All Metals Are Precious

The world of metal is crowned with gold and silver, shiny, valuable and riding high in the stock exchange. Our daily lives are surrounded by more humble metals; tin, aluminium, pewter and steel, to mention a few. We encounter them in the kitchen – a pan to roast in the oven, a blade to cut […]

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