Essential Playtime

Every year I aim to have workshop time not devoted to making works for clients, commissions or galleries. However, I have learnt that playtime is essential. Space to freely experiment, try out and appreciate ‘failure’- whatever that is. I had a wonderful day in December with a large saucepan of wax. This week that play […]

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Breakfast Is Served!

Breakfast Is Served. 5 Gentlemen Doing Things. Sometimes things just happen…….Galerie Zink offered breakfast during Schmuck in Munich. Naturally, people gathered and slowly used the table Stash was being shown on 5 Gentlemen Doing Things. What I absolutely love is the true activation of the work. At the very point that ‘the table’ becomes recognised, […]

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Ooh behave!

I happened to be wandering around South London, in a state of lostness and was confronted by this sign on Great Guildford St. What are we to do with this turn of instruction? Who’s commanding us and barking their orders? Is it the Mayor of London? The residents’ committee? Or maybe the police? Personally, it […]

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Damn Drawing

During my education, I have been very fortunate to have had excellent tutors who at times offered me the opportunity and encouragement to experiment and think left-field. Art college can be a brilliant environment to test, learn and develop. Personally, drawing was NEVER my strength, whether it was life drawing, technical or illustrative.  But, I […]

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Image of a large cast pewter serving dish, the mould is made of aluminium foil

Metal Magic

The wonders of moving metal whilst casting, waiting for the temperature to drop and create a skin.  

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A detailed image of a roasting tin, showing natural patina of wear

All Metals Are Precious

The world of metal is crowned with gold and silver, shiny, valuable and riding high in the stock exchange. Our daily lives are surrounded by more humble metals; tin, aluminium, pewter and steel, to mention a few. We encounter them in the kitchen – a pan to roast in the oven, a blade to cut […]

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