Workshop Visit

During the pandemic the world was locked down, movement was restricted and access to the workshop had to be arranged carefully. This London Craft Week old friends and new came from Seoul, South Korea making it the ideal time to arrange a get-together. It was a pleasure to cook a full-English breakfast and gather around […]

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FLUX me!

I’m not one for fixating on specific techniques, but yesterday, I had an unknown student contact me via Instagram asking for some soldering technical advice … shock horror! At college, Oppi Untracts book Metal Techniques for Craftsmen was the bible and I still to this day have a quick flick through now and then.   […]

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Student feedback

Great to get honest feedback. It takes a lot of courage to say what you are thinking. When I deliver workshops, I always actively encourage students in this behaviour. It’s essential to take a position; recognise what’s important to you, and stand by that. Bravo! My thanks to Taiwan for inviting me.

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