Student feedback

Image of a worn street sign for the city of Taipei
Image of work from a workshop in Taiwan; student leaves anonymous death threat. I will kill you slowly.
Student Feedback

Great to get honest feedback.

It takes a lot of courage to say what you are thinking. When I deliver workshops, I always actively encourage students in this behaviour. It’s essential to take a position; recognise what’s important to you, and stand by that.

My thanks to Taiwan for inviting me.


  1. Tobias Birgersson says:

    I have for many years been working alongside David in the same Faculty Team at Konstfack, Ädellab in Stockholm Sweden. I can testify that his coaching technique often brings out the most daring sides of the students.

    This was five years ago. Most recently I have started taking part in personal coaching sessions with David and I have to say that it’s even better to be on the receiving end of his weird and beautifully strange mind.

    1. David Clarke says:

      Adellab was indeed a very unique place with an extraordinary team.
      I think it’s rare to find this situation within an institution, we all respected it and nurtured the environment.
      Much missed.

      We need to book another coaching session soon!!

  2. Katie Taylor says:

    Good honest feedback is so valuable and I think too many artists/students aren’t prepared or willing to receive it, they just want to be told that their work is good. It is often taken as failure rather than critical support to make better work.

    Your crits at UCA were fantastic but there were many students too scared to book one!

    1. David Clarke says:

      Hi Katie, firstly thank you. And…….!! I know many students don’t book a tutorial with me and honestly that’s ok. What i would say is that there not getting the most from their education they have chosen to study. Hey ho. My rule is i would never ask a student what i would not ask of myself. That’s the bottom line. Honesty is essential in this situation, knowing we can absolutely agree to disagree.

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