Metal Magic

Image of a large cast pewter serving dish, the mould is made of aluminium foil

The wonders of moving metal whilst casting, waiting for the temperature to drop and create a skin.



  1. Andre says:

    Interesting approach to see things differently and exploring this difference as part of an art form or form of expression – to master a process and by doing so changing it from being arbitrary to being an intention-infused act of creativity. Keen to see the evolvement of this process. All the best!

    1. David Clarke says:

      I need to return to this and explore it deeper. I really like the platter, a generous and shared surface for more than 1. It’s made me think that the spoon series should also be developed. I have a ladle on my bench, again a serving tool like the platter, not for the individual but to offer and give to many. Thanks for the reminder!

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