Ooh behave!

I happened to be wandering around South London, in a state of lostness and was confronted by this sign on Great Guildford St.

What are we to do with this turn of instruction? Who’s commanding us and barking their orders? Is it the Mayor of London? The residents’ committee? Or maybe the police?

Personally, it raises the red flag syndrome when I’m told “NO!”. I’m more likely to do the exact opposite. Of course, there’s always consequences and these need to be weighed up.

I’m so surprised there’s not a graffitied reply! But there are thoughts and comments on various online sites, so I’m glad to see it did get some kickback.

It’s so interesting what you bump into when you’re wandering around in a state of lostness.





  1. Claudia Westhaus says:

    Oh, what an unresistable invitation to misbehave. Let‘s do it!✌🏼

    1. David Clarke says:

      …….apparently, after doing a bit of reading this is dating back to times before public toilets. The rest i leave to your imagine, but i have to share this quote “the more respectable citizens were frequently up in arms about the ‘lower orders’ relieving themselves in public.”
      Lee Jackson’s book Dirty Old London sounds great.

  2. Matt Benton says:

    I’d love to make a sign using the same materials that reads “Break a few rules” and install it nearby…

    1. David Clarke says:

      Great response Matt……….I dare you!!

  3. fred kroh says:

    feels like it may have been the rallying cry of Punk in the ’70’s!

    1. David Clarke says:

      Absolutely!! and long may it stay up on the wall and continue to trip people up.

  4. Mary Hackett says:

    Red rag to a bull, Mr Clarke! Alter the sign. I wonder if anyone would notice.

    Apparently, there are a few of these signs in Melbourne. I will try to hunt one down.

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