Poor Trait Miniatures

Very pleased to announce that 5 miniature Poor Traits have been acquired by Fuller Craft Museum Brockton USA. My sincerest thanks to Kevin Brown who funded the commission in Honor of Executive Director Denise LeBlanc.


Cast lead, handwoven linen by Lucy Rhodes, oak gall dye, and urine


Following the close of “Another Crossing: Artists Revisit the Mayflower Voyage” in 2021, Fuller Craft commissioned this set of five miniatures from London artist David Clarke. Clarke was one of ten artists selected to participate in the exhibition, and his powerful contribution, “Poor Trait”, was a single, large-scale work exploring the painful legacy of the Pilgrim’s settlement. The piece was made by adhering lead melted down from gunshot to a handwoven linen canvas dyed with ink. “Poor Traits Miniatures” are pocket-sized revisitings of the original work, and reference it in title, shape, and process while furthering the material exploration of US colonization.

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