Workshop: Serious Play

We lose the art of playing far too early in life.

Responsibilities, work; whatever that is, and commitments unfortunately take over and we allow it. We enter education at an early age and even though we sit in groups it’s very much about the individual and our own abilities.

What happened to collective thinking, exchange, sharing and playing generously? Indeed 5 brains and 10 hands offer extraordinarily unimaginable options and opportunities 1 brain could never do.

Serious Play offers you a space to share openly and with generosity; age, ability and experience do not matter, let’s offer in a most diverse and curious way. Bring yourself in and see what happens. Arrive with some stuff and let’s see what we can collectively make, break, extend, reduce or reconfigure.

Swapping, bartering, stealing, and cheating are all allowed as long as it’s done seriously.


13.- 15.10.23

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