Delightful Trouble Maker

A kids portrait of me with big glasses in black ink.

In my time, I’ve been called many things, enfant terrible, ‘silver-terrorist’ and more recently ‘a right royal pain in the arse’.

But my favourite bit of name calling appeared in Ken Quickenden’s book Making Form: Contemporary British Fine Metalwork, published in 2020, where he referred to me as a ‘delightful trouble maker’.

I do take the position that I’m more than willing to cause trouble, not for the sake of it, but thoughtfully and with intent. I’m deeply engaged with the traditions and rituals surrounding silver.

However, my intentions are to mess with them, shake them up and generally cause a commotion.





An illustration drawing of David Clarke with big glasses used black ink.

Drawing: Avi Toch


  1. Andre says:

    … sounds like a compliment to me … it’s the undertone of admiration that swings very loudly!

    1. David Clarke says:

      I take it as a compliment. They bothered to put it all in an email and spit it out!
      Other perspectives are the most intriguing.

  2. Lucy says:

    Personally, I’d have ‘a right royal pain in the arse’ made into a badge!
    On a serious note though; gently (or not) shaking up the traditional field in which you work is import and necessary – just not everyone will appreciate it, as you’re joyfully aware!

    1. David Clarke says:

      hell yeah i want that badge, t shirt and hey another tote bag!! And on a serious reply; questioning is essential at the very least and i’m happy for folks not to appreciate what i do. I’m super curious as to why?
      Let’s keep on learning and exchanging thoughts and different perspectives.

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