Words matter and definitions are great for precision, helping us understand the specific categorisation and meaning of a word. From there, we can open it up to see where the boundaries are so as to test them.

Dictionary definition – Pots:
Different types of containers, with or without a lid, especially for storing food or liquids: a pot of cream/jam/paint/ink


Almost every free-standing object has a bottom of sorts. I love the idea of objects not being well-behaved, compliant or obedient. Here the peachy buttocks are raised and in the viewer’s face. To open the pot you have to grab it with two hands – way too cheeky!

Material   Pewter & Silverplate
Dimensions   15 x 10 x 16cm
Year   2024

Spewy, Spurty & Dirty Squirty.

Unashamedly referencing the wonderful tulipiere vase which during the 17th-century was used to grow tulip bulbs. The tulipiere has always been seen as a luxury item. However, I wanted to celebrate a few choice blooms and utilise some old crazy spouts.


Spewy, Spurty and Dirty Squirty
Material   Pewter and Silverplate spouts
Dimensions   18 x 10 x 8cm approx
Year   2022
Private Collection China


A cup caught in motion. Often, objects are still for most of the time, but I wanted to capture the cup awake and moving in space. Our interaction activates objects as they become animated when lifted from the table.

AWOL ( Absent Without Leave)
Material   Sterling Silver, Pewter
Dimensions   40 x 40 x 9cm
Year   2015
Location   Private Collection Hong Kong

Image of a cut and extended silver cup on the move, the movement recorded by adding pewter
Image of an old tarnished metal teapot, cut altered placed in a new configuration with the addition of lead which robs the teapot of it's original function


An extended yawning teapot. The lead solder is left raw, mistakes are evident, and the making exposed and celebrated. As a material, lead has a reputation problem. For a start, it’s poisonous and more commonly thought of as a material used architecturally. The teapot, on the other hand, is a domestic object embedded in rituals and etiquette. In Brouhaha, there is a meeting point where opposite hierarchies and class collide.


Material   Silver Plate, Lead
Dimensions   55 x 25 x 60cm
Year   2007
Location   Public Collection The V&A UK, The National Museum Norway

Image of a collection of historical siverware cut and a new blank face soldered on. The historical details are sprayed black with paint


Using a collection of unwanted aged silver plate objects, I released each one from its history with a clean, blank face(t). Their old bodies sprayed black, so they remain firmly in the shadows.


Material   Silverplate, Pewter, Spray Paint
Dimensions   18 x 10 x 8cm
Year   2020


 I had an unwanted dull effort of a teapot from a few years ago.  It was the perfect opportunity to chop it up again and reconfigure it as I had the opportunity to show it with the Chitra Collection.

Material   Brass, Lead
Dimensions   35 x 15 x 30cm
Year   2024
Location   Available


A series of jugs intended to unleash new characters hiding within these tired and redundant objects. Once surgically opened up, then reassembled, these collaged mash-ups take on bold personalities, evoking humour and showing you how they misbehave at the table when you’re not looking.

Image of a series of jugs all altered differently to highten the characteristics of the original objects. Many humourous and make people laugh

Material   Silver Plate, Pewter
Dimensions   15 x 10 x 12cm
Year   2012
Location   Private Collections Germany, USA, Australia and UK

Image of a silver plated baroque coffee pot. Vertically spliced open and an insert of lead soldered in, the original feet become pigeon toed and the lead suggests a cleavage.


I was told by traditionalists that “you’re not a real silversmith until you have made a teapot.” My response was to take an unwanted antique, chop it up and stuff it with lead. Shifting it from recognisably traditional and functional to dysfunctional and highly poisonous. Most of these classical pieces are rarely used and often don’t even pour properly – they just dribble.

Ooh Lala
Material   Silver Plate, Lead
Dimensions   27 x 15 x 36cm
Year   2008
Location   Public Collection Dallas Museum of Art USA


A characterful collection of misfits and mishaps. Resulting in a mish-mash of objects collaged together to create animated objects for the table.

Usual Suspects
Material   Silver Plate, Pewter
Dimensions   8 x 10 x 13cm
Year   2012
Location   Numerous Private Collection