We’re Back….for REAL!!

Another Crossing: Revisiting the Mayflower is now open.   A touring exhibition recognizing the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower crossing and its significance to American and world history. Developed in partnership with Fuller Craft Museum. USA, and The Box UK.   Poor Trait. 2019 Lead Linen Iron. 92.7 x 80cm

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Ooh behave!

I happened to be wandering around South London, in a state of lostness and was confronted by this sign on Great Guildford St. What are we to do with this turn of instruction? Who’s commanding us and barking their orders? Is it the Mayor of London? The residents’ committee? Or maybe the police? Personally, it […]

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Image of a large cast pewter serving dish, the mould is made of aluminium foil

Metal Magic

The wonders of moving metal whilst casting, waiting for the temperature to drop and create a skin.  

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